D.DOUMAS’ SONS OE is a fish feed and fish farming machinery importing and trade company. For more than  40 years,  starting as exclusive representative of Trouvit fish feed, our company based in Ioannina and with offices in Athens (Attica), is the official dealer and the sole distributor of Skretting fish feed for Greece.

Skretting fish feed, with a long tradition in the field of global aquaculture, are intended for the breeding and growth of all different species of fish farming. D.DOUMAS’ SONS OE imports and distributes to fish farms throughout Greece as well as to fishery shops, Skretting fish feed intended for marine species such as sea bream, sea bass, pagrus, meagre and amberjack and inland waters species such as trout and eel.  At the same time, our company distributes the special Skretting products that cover the specialized needs in the nutrition of the early stages of the fish (fish fry, larvae) and enrichments for their live foods (Artemia, Rotifer).

The composition of the fish feed we promote, thanks to the appropriate balance of properly selected nutrients for each species and stage of development of farmed fish, ensures significant competitive advantages to our customers and the long-term sustainability of fish farming. Skretting has always been a pioneer and innovator in the selection of raw materials for the development of fish feed that meets the nutritional needs of farmed fish. Along with the diet of fish, Skretting, utilizing international scientific knowledge and experience, creates functional fish feed that can naturally enhance fish and protect them from harmful agents such as parasites etc.

Finally, our company is the sole distributor of Faivre machinery products. Faivre is a French company, pioneer in fish farming and fish hatcheries machinery, manufacturing products such as fish counters, fish graders and fish pumps as well as drum filters for water cleaning (closed farming systems etc.).