We are a family-run business originally founded in Ioannina in 1920’s by our grandfather Dimitrios Doumas specialized in imports and wholesale grocery items. Following a thriving business development both in Epirus and throughout Greece, Dimitrios and his sons who played a vital role in this venture, -initially Leandros until 1973 and Ioannis since his graduation in 1960 - expanded our company activities with animal food trade in North West Greece.

Ioannis Doumas’ vision for the foreseeable development of primary producers in Greece moved even further.

Being restless, educated and pioneer, he soon realized the promising future of fish farming in our country, given the high-quality inland waterways and the vast potential of the sea and its coastline.

Thence, in the early 1980’s, along with grocery items, our company started to deal with the longstanding industry Trouw, the producer of Trouvit fish feed, and bit by bit positioned itself in the startup Greek fishfarming sector. Many years later, this industry develops powerfully and our company is well established.

These days, after a 100 years of ongoing operational status, being exclusive dealers and distributers of Skretting, by Nutreco Group of companies, continuers of Trouw, the third generation and descendants of Ioannis Doumas is loyal to the goals and principles passed down by its ancestors.

Based in Ioannina and operating throughout Greece, the company manages to be a healthy and reliable business looking ahead with optimism.

For the last twenty years, Lydia Douma, has been the successful and devoted head of our “family business”, our partners and employees who have adopted and practiced the principles of D.Doumas’ sons OE.